LOS ANGELES is an art space.

Over the coming years, a habitable sculpture garden will be established at the 3000 m² site on the edge of the village of Günsterode, near Kassel. It will grow and develop through the form of the artistic projects that will be conceived and built there.
LOS ANGELES is a place for artists, architects and theorists to meet, work and spend time. Stays at LOS ANGELES have the aim of producing works that are both specific to and bound to the location itself.

In addition to the sculptures, structures, objects and installations created on site, there will be an accompanying program comprising workshops, seminars, exhibitions and artist residencies. LOS ANGELES will be open to the public for events and site visits.

The LOS ANGELES project revolves around ideas such as the relationship between everyday necessities and artistic questioning, the possibilities of a self-organized form of art, the potential of a rural environment in relation to an urban context and the utopian notion of construction.

LOS ANGELES is a project of the artist Jonas von Ostrowski.

The HOUSE WITH CLEAR SHAPES AND A COMPLEX ENTRANCE (1) is the point of departure for the project as a whole.

Over the coming years there will follow other objects, sculptures, installations and projects by various invited international artists, which will either be habitable or usable in other ways.


Equipped with electricity, water and heating, this sculpture offers living space for up to four people. In its form, materiality and spatial structure, it proposes a specific relationship between 'interior' and 'exterior'.

The design of HOUSE WITH CLEAR SHAPES AND A COMPLEX ENTRANCE is developed from a conceptual floor plan with a sequence of four spaces. The entrance space, with its airlock-like door, the through space, stair space, and lastly, the final interior space, create a spatial composition from the outside into the inside.

The body of the HOUSE WITH CLEAR SHAPES AND A COMPLEX ENTRANCE consists of two stacked geometric volumes – the lower one triangular, the upper one square. The interior spaces result from the overlapping and intersection of these simple forms. The elementary 'functions' (entrance, through space, stair space) of the spaces are determinant for the respective design, and for the selection of material, colour or the conception of the lighting.
In the interior of the HOUSE WITH CLEAR SHAPES AND A COMPLEX ENTRANCE there are no walls other than those arising from the overlapping of the two volumes. The recognizable exterior shape remains in this way comprehensible from the inside, and vice versa, to the extent that it is always possible to locate any given point in the external structure from any given point in the interior space.

LOS ANGELES and the HOUSE WITH CLEAR SHAPES AND A COMPLEX ENTRANCE will be realized in collaboration with the architect Philipp Nitsche.

Construction at LOS ANGELES began in the summer of 2017. more


Accompanying the progression of the project will be the series Les LOS ANGELES Cahiers published in collaboration with the artist-run publishing house HAMMANNVONMIER.
The publications, which will be published at irregular intervals, will document the development of the project, while also presenting texts and essays on LA and on related subjects and projects.

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Günsterode is a village of 350 inhabitants, situated 25 km from the city of Kassel, Germany. Seven creeks flow from the surrounding forests through the hilly landscape and into the valley, meeting in the heart of this village of timber-framed houses. One of these, the Spelzbach, flows through LOS ANGELES. The 3000 m² piece of land lies on the Northwest edge of the village.


Jonas von Ostrowski lives and works in Munich. Through his work on objects, spatial installations and structures, Ostrowski investigates the relationship between everyday necessities and artistic questioning.
His works have been shown in exhibitions both in Germany and internationally and are held in collections including the Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlung (Bavarian State Painting Collection) and the Artothek in Munich. He has designed sets for theatre, including for the Kammerspiele in Munich and ran the project space Prince of Wales.
Jonas von Ostrowski was awarded the Bayerische Kunstförderpreis (Bavarian State Award for the Advancement of Arts) in 2018 and the Stipendium der Landeshauptstadt München im Bereich Bildende Kunst (Bursary for Fine Arts from the City of Munich) in 2019.

LOS ANGELES is a non-commercial artistic project, financed through grants, donations and both financial and material contributions. LA JvO gUG is the operating company (Trägergesellschaft) overseeing the LOS ANGELES project.
As a not-for-profit company, LA JvO gUG is able to issue confirmations of charitable donations in accordance with paragraph § 10b of the income tax law.
All objects and structures realized through such donations are the property of LA JvO gUG.


Sponsors and contributors:

Rudolf Raidl
Bernhard Koch
Herzog Franz von Bayern
Galerie Jahn und Jahn
Studio Nitsche
Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München

Helpers and supporters:

Roland Burkart, Anna Dobrucki, Jan Erbelding, Chris Fitzpatrick, Daniel Kern, Johannes Kleinbeck, Kunstverein München, Josef Knoll, Christian Kühlborn, Konstantin Lannert, Sarah Lehnerer, Leo Lencses, Erich Metz, Maria VMier, Hammann von Mier, Christoph Müller, Philipp Nitsche, Aribert von Ostrowski, Rudolf Raidl, MARGOT SCHMOLL, Kai Sievertsen, Johannes Tassilo Walter, Patrick S. Thor